Glamping – ‘Glamorous Camping’ is the Latest Trend in Outdoor Travel

Quickly gaining popularity, Glamping is the new term being used for luxury camping by holiday travelers across the country and abroad. Glamping is a refreshing way to experience the great outdoors while having all the creature comforts of home like a comfortable bed, electricity, heat and other modern necessities. Look no further, Sweetwater Bungalows brings that desirable camping experience to a whole other level!

These deluxe Bungalow tent cabins by Sweetwater Bungalows combine the stability and protection of a wood frame with the lightness and beauty of fabric wall. Together with windows and door, a cozy Bungalow is created. Unique to the market of prefabricated and portable shelters they are affordable, versatile and provide an attractive lodging option and revenue source for campgrounds, RV parks and other resort types. Richly atmospheric and intimate in scale, these charming Bungalow tent-cabins create harmony between indoor and outdoor living. Co-owner Blair Paterson comments, “The Bungalows allow you to feel at one with nature and experience the pleasures of the outdoors in a truly comfortable environment.” One might call this glamping on steroids or perhaps “house camping.”

Sweetwater Bungalows have been highly praised by California hospitality businesses and patrons in the camping and RV industry that market the luxury tent-cabins as a holiday getaway, back to nature type of accommodation. Such places include the Eco-resort Costanoa, Vineyard RV Park, Fernwood Resort, Harbin Hot Springs, and most recently Camp Berryessa. Repeat visitors to Fernwood Resort have remarked that they love the romantic intimacy of the tent-cabins and families at Vineyard RV Park have commented their enthusiasm for the family camping experience shared together under one canvas roof.

The pre-fabricated Bungalow kits are offered in four models and are available in three sizes: 10’x12’, 12’x14’ and 14’x20’ with 5’ or 7’ wall height and 9’ or 11’ peak height preferences. Upgrade and custom options are available as well as large volume discounts. General Manager of Costanoa remarks, “These spacious and versatile tent-cabins offer ample sleeping room with a variety of bedding configurations and layouts.” He also mentions, “People who visit like the variety of lodging and price options we offer.”

The Bungalows are weather-proof, affordable (averaging $30 per square foot) and have a lifespan of 15 years and more. These environmentally friendly tensile structures rest lightly above the ground on wooden platforms and are exceptionally adaptable to varying climates and terrain. They are simple to install and easy to clean and maintain. They can be heated by wood, kerosene, gas, or electricity and easily ventilated and cooled so they’re ideal for either year-round or seasonal use.

Founded in 1997, Sweetwater Bungalows is a leader in pre-fabricated tensile structures and are made to order in Northern California using superior materials and quality workmanship and are built to last. Sweetwater Bungalows enthusiastically boasts “Sweetwater Bungalows enhances the great outdoor experience for all those who stay in them.”

See our models or call us at 800-587-5054 for more information.

Featured in CalARVC News as their newest member (California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds)

Have you ever been glamping? What’s your favorite thing about it and where have you stayed? Please let us know in the comment area.

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