Portable Buildings

Portable Structures: Portable Buildings, Portable Housing, Portable Shelter

Sweetwater Bungalows’ prefabricated, portable shelters are simple to install and relocate. These substantial portable structures combine strength from the frame along with weather proofing from the shell and fly. These portable buildings come in five models, ranging from rustic to contemporary.

Sweetwater Bungalows are perfect for your portable housing needs and are easy to assembly but still offer  style, beauty and simplicity. Your semi-permanent and portable shelter allows natural light and fresh air to permeate the fabric walls. As portable housing should be, Sweetwater Bungalows are affordable with prices for the tightest budgets. They are also easy to clean, so you won’t waste time maintaining your portable dwelling.

For assembly of the platform and kits it is beneficial to have at least one person with construction experience. The platform assembly based on the minimum requirements and depending on the slope of the terrain will take 2 people 8 hours.  Our Bungalow kits are labeled and predrilled for easier assembly. The 10×12 and 12×14 Bungalows will take 2 people 8 hours to assemble. The larger size 14×20 kits will take 2 people 10 hours to complete.

Since the Bungalow is assembled with screws you can take down and reassemble the portable buildings multiple times. Disassembly takes approximately 5 hours for 2 people.


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