Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Sweetwater Bungalow

Considering buying a Sweetwater Bungalow?

Here are ten reasons to help you with your decision.

  1. Portability – Each Sweetwater Bungalow is prefabricated and portable. They are small shelters that are simple to install, disassemble and relocate at any time! Think about using them while you are doing a reconstruction project on your house, as an outdoor art studio or yoga room. You could even put one on your vacant lot while you think about what you want to build on it.
  2. Strong and weather-tight – Sweetwater Bungalows are substantial structures that combine the strength of a building frame with a weather-tight shell and rain fly system. Not only will they allow air to moderate temperature in the summer, they will also protect you from the fall and wintery elements such as rain, wind or light snow. As portable houses, the bungalows are both strong and portable.Sonoma Sweetwater Bungalow in the snow
  3. Stylish – Sweetwater Bungalows come in five kit styles from rustic to contemporary, with many upgrades to choose from. The Sonoma House Kit has three large windows and a door on the gable wall and is available in 10’x12′, 12’x14′, 12’x14’x7′. The Pioneer bungalow is the same design as the Sonoma, but comes without supplied windows for easy customization.The Homestead Bungalow is a spacious and deluxe Bungalow tent designed with higher walls, three windows and an oversized floor plan with a double French door on the gable wall. The Homestead is available in 14’x20′. The Vista Bungalow has higher walls, four windows and a double French door on the side wall which brings a whole new meaning to indoor-outdoor living. Available in 12’x14’x7′ and 14’x20′ means you could install one of each and create your own compound of tent cabins.You may also want to go A la Carte and build your own tent cabin by cutting your own lumber with the provided cut list and purchasing?supplying windows and doors of your choice.The Bungalow kits can be upgraded with various options that include color and canvas shell walls, color rain fly’s, windows with grids, colonial french doors, double french doors, seven foot walls and more.
  4. Easy Assembly – Sweetwater Bungalows are simple to construct. We provide easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions that even a novice could follow. Putting together your bungalow takes approximately 6-10 hours depending on the size and disassembly takes 5 hours.
  5. Style, beauty and simplicity – All in one! Your Sweetwater Bungalow is an all-in-one solution. It combines style, beauty and simplicity into one livable space that looks and feels great. Not only can you have the peace of mind that you are completely protected from the elements, but you also feel like you are living in a glamorous yet unpretentious space. A Sweetwater Bungalow is the perfect solution for those who prefer glamping to roughing it or simply adding some extra living space for other uses.

    Sweetwater Bungalow on stilts

  6. Connect With Nature – Natural light, fresh air, and the peaceful sounds of the outdoors permeate through the fabric walls of your Sweetwater Bungalow, so while you are fully protected from the sun, wind and rain, you also feel close to the natural world.
  7. Affordable housing – Tent cabins priced to fit even the most conservative budget. Sweetwater Bungalows can serve as both temporary or semi-permanent housing for anyone looking for an alternative housing. Since the tiny house movement has taken off, we have seen an increase in people considering Sweetwater Bungalows to add to their tiny house development and/or simply use as an alternative. The Shell system is engineered for a long life expectancy of 14-18 years and 8-12 years for the Rain Fly (depends on the amount UV sunlight exposure).
  8. Low maintenance! – With vinyl shell walls and rain fly covering your Sweetwater Bungalow, cleaning is a breeze. It’s smaller than a regular house, yet much larger than a tent and is extremely low maintenance.
  9. Environmentally friendly! – If you are interested in lowering your carbon footprint and having a minimal impact on your surroundings, a Sweetwater Bungalow is a great solution.
  10. Terrain adaptable! – Suitable in all kinds of terrain and climate. Imagine a tent cabin above a stream in the wilderness, or a quiet retreat away from it all in the forests of the Eastern Sierra. All Bungalow models have been successfully tested in most climates and weather conditions. These include coastal, tropics, light snow, moderate winds and heavy rains.Vista Bungalow Kit

Do you have a Sweetwater Bungalow? How do you use it? And if you don’t have one and are thinking about installing one, what is your dream use for it? We’d love to hear from you. Please respond in the comments by click on the Leave a Comment link above left.

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