Attractive and Versatile Solutions for Increasing Your Living Space

If you are in need of more space, for sleep, work, play or more, there are alternative options to embarking upon a costly construction project. Consider the possibility of acquiring an attractive, detached, semi-permanent structure that can provide you with that extra space you are looking for.

Sweetwater Bungalows are semi-permanent eco-friendly tent cabins, which combine the strength and durability of wood, with a lightweight, low maintenance vinyl canvas fabric shell. Created with nature in mind, the cabins incorporate natural and renewable materials, are non-intrusive and have minimal site impact and are adaptable to varying climates, terrain and seasons.

Sweetwater Bungalows offer an affordable, versatile, attractive and inviting solution to the problem of gaining more space while allowing its inhabitants to experience the pleasure of the outdoors in a truly comfortable environment. They are built with soft fabric walls, which allow ambient light to filter through during the day, and by night, each structure glows with an alluring, romantic quality.

Weather-tight, waterproof, durable and affordable, averaging $30.00 per square foot, these bungalows offer virtually limitless answers to increasing space in an affordable manner. These tent-cabins are gaining in popularity as individuals and commercial enterprises realize the virtually endless possibilities that they offer. Uses which range from guest cottages, studios, office space, playhouses, temporary housing, recreational lodging, portable storefronts, camps, field offices, and workshops, to vacation hideaways. Sweetwater Bungalows offer a variety of styles and sizes with unique features to customize each cabin to meet individual requirements. The attractive cabins accommodate real windows and doors and may be heated and electrified.

So if you need that space, and are not ready to call in the contractor, check out our Sweetwater Bungalows, they might just be the answer to your cramped quarter’s problem! View our site for more information or call Sweetwater Bungalows at 800-587-5054.

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