The Tiny House Movement Has a New Meaning with Sweetwater Bungalows

The tiny house movement is a recent trend towards decreasing your carbon footprint and living with less space. Not only is it cheaper for rent as well as to furnish a tiny house, but it is also better for the environment as small houses use less energy and their owners tend to consume fewer natural resources.

Sweetwater’s Bungalows and Cabanas offer a way to escape into a personal space that provides a uniquely different way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it’s an enclosed Bungalow or the open daybed Cabana these prefabricated fabric over wood framed structures can turn a backyard into a one-of-a-kind getaway from today’s busy world and the Bungalows can also function as a trendy and space-saving “small house.”

“Our Bungalows and Cabanas can make people feel like they are on a romantic adventure,” said Blair Paterson, co-founder and partner of Sweetwater Bungalows. “Even if it is in your backyard they have a way of making you feel closer to nature without giving up any creature comforts.”

“But most recently we’ve been finding that along with the new and expanding trend toward smaller living spaces … our Bungalows are being considered great accessory dwelling units that serve as additional on-property housing.”

In a high rent area like the San Francisco bay the tiny house movement is facilitating additional income for property owners who can lease a small part of their yards to tiny house dwellers. No longer is the tiny house movement confined to the rural areas, forests and parks, but we are seeing a trend to people living in these tiny houses in urban areas as well.

The many uses for a Sweetwater Bungalow are only limited by one’s imagination. A woodsy refuge, backyard retreat, lakeside hideaway, charming guest cottage, inspiring office or studio space, these cozy tiny house tent/cabines are versatile, fun and affordable.

Sweetwater offers four different Bungalow models – the Pioneer, Sonoma, Homestead, and Vista. All of these cozy tent cabins have a sturdy wood frame that is covered in fabric that provides a sense of lightness and beauty. During the day the interior is flooded with natural, soft light while at night the Bungalow radiates a warm and inviting glow. The addition of the framed-in doors and windows creates a cozy weather-tight retreat that is both durable and economical.

One look at Sweetwater’s sister product, the Sweetwater Cabana, instantly conjures up visions of hidden island getaways and days spent relaxing with tropical drink in hand. Open and inviting, this attractive covered Cabana outdoor daybed is like a little island of tranquility that is the perfect place for reading, resting, meditating or just escaping life’s hectic pace.

Inspired by simple Indonesian pavilions and comfortable Hawaiian daybeds, these charming Cabanas are designed to enhance their surroundings. Placed poolside, in the garden, on a deck or patio it provides an affordable shaded retreat that is both functional and beautiful.

The Cabana frame and platform are constructed using recycled Indonesian teak wood and covered with marine grade waterproof Sunbrella® fabric. The foam 6’ x 6’ daybed mattress and slipcover are sold separately allowing customers to choose the mattress grade and slipcover color and pattern of their choice.

Both Bungalows and Cabanas include all the assorted hardware necessary for construction and easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions.

“Everyone needs a place where they can go to get away from it all,” added Paterson. “Relaxing is becoming a lost art form and that is exactly why we designed our Cabanas and Bungalows. They provide an affordable backyard haven that is a perfect place to unwind and reconnect with your surroundings.”

Sweetwater Bungalows was born from a Northern California family’s desire to experience life in the heart of nature’s beauty. For more information about Sweetwater Bungalows, see our models or call us a 800-587-5054.

Do you have a tiny house? Or is it simply your dream to be part of the tiny house movement? Would you consider trying a Sweetwater Bungalow to start your transition? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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