Luxury Cabin Tents

Canvas Wall Tents: Wood Frame Tent Cabins from Sweetwater Bungalows

Sweetwater Bungalows wall tents create a unique outdoor room from a canvas tent. The tent cabins make a delightful outdoor living space and blend seamlessly with nature. Richly atmospheric and intimate in scale, the cabin tents, similar to the wood frame tents and platform tents found in Yosemite but more durable and attractive, offer limitless space options. Innovative design and framework make these canvas wall tents unique.

Acting as a separate outdoor room lets you experience nature comfortably. Though they can be used as camping tents, these wood frame tents make an ideal yoga retreat, studio space, or backyard guest room. See all of the bungalow models here to explore how Sweetwater Bungalows cabin tents can suit your needs.