Bungalow Design Uses & Ideas

Versatile and spacious, decorating the interior is a fun blank slate which can be creatively transformed into your own look and feel and unique use.  Whether it is going to be used as a rustic or chic guest room, a gym or yoga studio with all your favorite workout equipment, a tranquil office or chill space with your favorite books, a kids sleep –out, cozy lodging for resort visitors and so many other applications.  Our bungalows are exceptionally adaptable to varying climates and terrain and they are simple to install, disassemble, and relocate.

Personal & Home Uses

Backyard Guest Room

Backyard Studio Space

Backyard Retreat

Backyard Room

Guest Cottage

Kids Playhouse / Bunkroom

Vacation Retreat

Yoga Room

Fishing / Hunting Cabin


Emergency Shelter

Temporary Housing

Backyard Office

Commercial Uses

RV Park Lodging

Recreational/Summer Camp Lodging

Employee Housing

Retreat Accommodation

Campground Rental Units

Dude/Guest Ranches

Farm Wolfer’s Housing

Eco-Tourism Lodging

B&B Rooms

Massage Studio

Field Offices



Bungalow Design Ideas


Stained or painted plywood

Hardwood or Engineered flooring

Vinyl tiles


Area rugs

Grass mats

Wood Frame





In humid or tropical regions, use 1″x6″ lumber. Provided gaps between wood will improve air flow. Use mesh screen underneath the floor to act as a barrier for insects.


Extend front of deck 4 feet or more for spacious seating area

Wrap around or L–shape deck design

Rain Fly

Available color options – Eggshell, Beige, Brown, or Spruce

10 Reasons to Buy a Sweetwater Bungalow

  1. Prefabricated and portable shelters that are simple to install, disassemble and relocate!
  2. Substantial structure that combines the strength of a building frame with a weather-tight shell and rain fly system.
  3. Rustic to contemporary, with five kit styles & many upgrades to choose from.
  4. Simple construction! Easy to follow assembly instructions.
  5. Style, beauty and simplicity – All in one!
  6. Connecting With Nature – Natural light, fresh air, and the peaceful sounds of the outdoors permeate through the fabric walls.
  7. Affordable housing – Tent cabins priced to fit even the most conservative budget.
  8. Low maintenance! Vinyl shell walls & rain fly make cleaning a breeze.
  9. Environmentally friendly! Minimal impact on your surroundings.
  10. Terrain adaptable! Suitable in all kinds of terrain and climate.